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The SAFE app allows users to quickly, silently, and securely send SOS messages from their smartphones to a central, on-site security office, which allows a quick and responsive remedy to the situation.

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How SAFE Works

SAFE on Your Campus

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    Create a custom layout for your campus's SAFE app with your colors, branding, and more
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    SAFE can be rolled out to an unlimited amount of users, so everyone on your campus can be secure
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    When a user sends an alert to the security department, the system will communicate the alert, GPS coordinates that the alert was sent from, and pull the relevant user contact details (ID, gender, phone number, and location)

Why be SAFE?

A free app for most smart phones that insures preventative measures regarding unwarranted altercations located on a college campus

Keep employees and staff safe from incidents in order to avoid losing key personnel, avoid injuries and/or crime, and keep the company running at full capacity

Proactively notifying the security department to better manage and prevent incidents, thereby supporting a safer campus and workplace



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